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Three Tune Musical Bell

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Three Tune Musical Bell

Three Tune Musical Bell is a simple and low cost melody project. The UM 66T series are CMOS LS is designed for use in doorbell, telephone and toy applications. The Three Tune Musical Bell is a chip ROM programmed for musical performance produced by CMOS technology. It results in very low power consumption, since the UM 66T series include oscillating and mode selection circuit, a compact melody module can be constructed with only a few additional components.

About the circuit :
The circuit uses UM 66T having 64 note ROM memory, which is capable to store three different tunes. The supply is given to IC through a switch S1. When the switch S1 is pressed, it will on the IC. The output of IC is in terms of sound. But, this signal is not enough to drive the speaker, so transistor T1 is used for amplifying the signal and to drive the speaker. Capacitor C1 is used as a filter capacitor. The power consumption of circuit is very low. It will work on supply of 3 volt.

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