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Power Saver LED Lamp

Price : INR 250.00

Power Saver LED Lamp

As compared to conventional night lamps that consume maximum 15W, our Power Saver LED Lamp will consume only 0.5W. Power Saver LED Lamp is a great energy saver lamp can be used as a night lamp, path lamp or mandir lamp. In addition, Power Saver LED Lamp has a very high intensity and has a life of 100,000 hours against 1000 hours for conventional lamps. Power Saver LED Lamp features nine light emitting diodes and doesn't have a filament, ensuring long lasting working life.

About the Circuit :
As shown in the circuit diagram LED D5 to D10 are powered from mains without the use of a transformer. Here capacitor C1 is used as a 'AC voltage dropper'. The forward conduction voltage drop required for the LED chain is provided by C1 alone. C1 discharges through R1 immediately after the circuit is disconnected from mains, which prevents a fatal shock. The AC voltage is rectified by diodes D1 through D4 and filtered by capacitor C2. Resistor R2 acts as a bleeder.

Note :

  • C1 should be rated for at least 440V AC, while mains applications also require use of an X2 class capacitor.
  • Used as a night lamp, consumes only 0.5W

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