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Novel Light Effect

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Novel Light Effect

Novel Light Effect is a simple, low cost novel light effect circuit which can be used for many purposes like decoration, display board etc. Novel Light Effect uses total 88 LEDs and a bunch of 11 LEDs will illuminate at a time. After a few seconds another bunch illuminates and the cycle repeats.

About the Circuit :
The circuit is built around shift register IC3 as shown in the circuit diagram. It has eight outputs. The output goes on shifting at every clock pulse at pin1 and pin9. Each register has independent CLOCK and RESET input as well as a single serial DATA input. The logic level present at the DATA input is transferred into the first register stage and shifted by one stage at each positive going clock transition. Resetting of all stages is accomplished by a high level on the reset line at pin14 and pin6. The clock circuit is designed using s stable multi vibrator IC1. The frequency of clock pulse is determined by timing components R1-R2/P1-C1. The frequency of oscillation can be changed by adjusting preset P1. Data input at pin7 of IC3 is provided by IC2, which is also a stable multi vibrator. Preset P2 is adjusted for correct logic data input. Each eight-output drives transistor T1 to T8 respectively. And, each transistor drives 11 LEDs connected at the collector terminal. At first clock pulse, output at pin5 of IC3 becomes high and T1 turns on, which drives 11LEDs. At second clock pulse, pin4 of IC3 goes high and T2 turns on. In this way, output goes on shifting at every clock pulse.  

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