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Microcontroller Based Alcohol Detector

Price : INR 5,800.00

The circuit is used to detect ALCOHOL and Display the percentage in the breath of suspected person on LCD 16x2 Display (AT89C51). We are a distinguished Manufacturer and Supplier of Microcontroller Based Alcohol Detector in India. Sensor finds numerous applications in electronic systems. Commonly used as Alcohol Detection, their output is used in Analog form (high & low logic) by employing a comparator.  This topic explains a way to use the sensor’s output in its original analog form. Thus, along with detecting an alcohol, its exact % can also be obtained. This is achieved by processing the alcohol sensor through an ADC0804 (analog to digital converter). The ADC is calibrated to get almost accurate distance measurement. The measured distance is also displayed on an LCD screen. The ADC0804 and LCD are interfaced with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) to perform these operations.
Description : This project mainly consists of three units: a sensor unit, an ADC component and the LCD module. The output voltage level of this alcohol depends upon the analog output of alcohol sensor received by the receiver. The intensity, in turn, depends on the % between the sensor modules. When the alcohol signals lesser, the out will be lesser, and vice versa. The receiver along with a resistor forms a voltage divider whose output is supplied as the input for ADC0804.

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