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AVRoN16 + USB Programmer

Price : INR 1,690.00

Our AVRoN16 + USB Programmer is a full-featured development board for the NXP's P89V51RD2 microcontroller which is most popular in industry. AVRoN16 + USB Programmer is low cost 40 pin featuring rich microcontroller that offer real value to developer in terms of capabilities and features. The USB programmer is a standard USB to UART convertor build around high performance, reliable CP2102 USB to UART IC. AVRoN16 + USB Programmer can be used extensively to develop functional hardware of a product. The board is also suitable for Robotics and Embedded Project.

Specifications for Core51 Development Board :

  • Microcontroller : 89V51RD2
  • Operating voltage : 5v
  • Input Voltage : 7v ~ 12v
  • On board voltage regulator and circuit protection
  • Interfaced 4 general purpose LEDs and switches
  • On board FRC header for easy programming
  • On board general purpose Buzzer to generate audible tones
  • 2 In built motor driving circuitry using L293D
  • LED indicators for motor output tracking
  • PTR connectors for motor connection
  • On board LCD connector
  • LCD brightness control variable resistor
  • Power and motor enable push on switches with visual indicator
  • 64 Kbytes Flash program memory

Specifications for USB Programmer :

  • Operating voltage : 5v
  • No external crystal required
  • Easy to use FRC interface
  • Compact design
  • Support all standard baud rates

Package Content :

  • Core51 development board
  • P89V51RD2 microcontroller (mounted onboard)
  • 2 L293D motor driver IC (mounted onboard)
  • 16 x 2 LCD display

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